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PEARL #11 07/17/19 FOC 06/24/19


PEARL #11 (MR)
(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Michael Gaydos
After a blazing adventure in Kobe, Japan, this modern-day yakuza crime epic wrapped around a romance for the ages from the award-winning creators of Jessica Jones comes back home. Tattoo artist/assassin/yakuza clan leader Pearl Tanaka has confronted her heritage on the same mean streets where her grand-mother was born. Now she comes home to find her place in the new order. This issue is another explosive, cliché-defying multimedia extravaganza from artist Michael Gaydos, as PEARL continues its unique exploration of art and self-expression in a way only comics can.
FOC: 06/24/19
Shipping Starts: 07/17/19

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