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Dungeons & Dragons: Total Party Kill #1 Variant B () - 04/17/2024


Bragg Vergil’s the worst kind of adventurer. Scion of one of Waterdeep’s wealthiest families. Expert swordsman with the mystical blade he inherited. Crawled more dungeons and rescued more villages than a certain heroic drow. Leads an experienced party that would follow him to the gates of Avernus. There’s a line around the bar in every tavern eager to buy him a pint and hear about his latest quest. And somehow, he’s still a likable guy, even when you want to punch him in his perfect teeth. Or he was. Now he and his whole party are dead. Writer Jeremy Lambert (Doom Patrol; Buffy the Vampire Slayer) crafts a brilliant tale of action and mystery with a scenario rarely seen in stories but all too familiar to avid dice slingers.

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